Alcohol at the Expo. Please Read Everyone

Posted by Mark Mensch | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 25-08-2016

WE didn’t pull a Beer License this year.  We are allowing Alcohol on the grounds in certain areas.  There is NO under Age Drinking Allowed…

We do ask that those who are in the pits refrain from drinking until the course’s are closed.  No one wants to be out playing worried about someone who is drunk. Let’s keep the drinking to the campsites and in the evening as much as possible. We want to keep this event about the trucks and families who are attending to watch.

Those of you who are coming to Spectate the events. We will allow you to enjoy some adult beverages in the spectator areas.  Again let’s keep it under control and not make our event into a party.  Drink responsibly and remember that this is public property and police have the authority to write tickets and give random breathalyzers.

In the Evening we have live music and you are welcome to bring your coolers to the Arena and drink during the live music and events we have planned there.

One thing we will not tolerate is cruising around on the property. Please just go to the places your going and park. We do not want to promote any type of cruising around and a chance of nudity.  Again this is a Family Event.

If Security sees any type of drunkenness behavior, Nudity, or disrespecting of the grounds they have the authority to ask you to leave at any time.  Dave VanSuilchem, and Kelly Jansens have given them full authority to make decisions on the fly.  WE do not wish to create an event that needs State Police housed on the grounds to keep order.  If this event ever comes to that we will stop hosting it.  The Extreme ORV Expo is here for everyone to enjoy the off road sport.  Tread Lightly my Friends and let’s make this the event of the year to attend and have fun getting dirty.


Thank you and God Bless

Mark Mensch

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