Volunteers Needed for 2016.

Posted by Mark Mensch | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on 29-08-2016

ATTENTION, We are putting our Volunteer list together now. If your interested in being a Volunteer at the Expo please drop Kelly an email. kelly@goblackdoggo.com
We are looking for you to do a 4 hour shift. You will get a meal and entry for the rest of the day along with other gifts. Kelly can inform you more on that.
What we are in need of volunteers to help with the entrance at the gate, Parking, and foot traffic & general information.
We pride ourselves on being organized and professional and we need your help to maintain that reputation. We know as this event grows this will be the largest challenge. The last thing our organizers want is you waiting in line to get on the grounds to play. We don’t want to hold anyone up in a line. FLOW FLOW FLOW.
Thank you for your continued support of this growing event. We want everyone to enjoy the most amount of time playing not waiting.

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